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Culinary Team Building - a tasteful approach to team building

A Culinary Team Building program creates an atmosphere of teamwork and camaraderie. Your business team will have fun while relating to colleagues in an appetizing way.


Get to know the Executive Chef and the staff. They will take a few minutes to explain what happens, how it happens and who is involved. Learn something new, introduce a whole new way of interacting with one another, listen to instructions and work together to produce a certain product.


  • Work as a team toward a common goal
  • Skillfully interact with other members of the group
  • Have fun and be creative
  • Create a feeling of accomplishment
  • Build better relationships with fellow colleagues
  • Strategize as a team on how to produce the product (goal) set forth
  • Focus on leadership (group leadership) rather than having a specific leader

How It Works

The Executive Chef divides the group into teams and sends each team to their appropriate stations, where there is an example of what the finished product should look like. At this point, the time line, safety, and proper sanitation will also be addressed.

Meal Preparation

Once the teams are at their designated stations, the Chef and assistants will provide a cooking demonstration that involves a selected menu item. The Chef will include some group participants to take part in the demonstration. Then the prep begins! During the preparation, our Chef and assistants will be moving about the room to assist when necessary. Upon completion of the meal preparations, the food is plated or set as a buffet, and the Chef will begin a debriefing.


The Chef will debrief with the participants by asking if they accomplished the goals and objectives expected of them. They will also discuss working in a new capacity as a team and the evolution of a team leadership for this experience.

Cupcake Challenge

Creativity is the key to success as teams work together to build confection masterpieces in our Cake or Cupcake Challenge. Your group will be divided into teams to build a multi-layer cake that reflects the theme of your event. This challenge is best for groups of 12 or more people and is excellent for very large groups of 100 or more. We recommend two or more teams of 6-10 people each.

When the team building activity is over, each guest leaves with new cupcake skills and memories of a great time in the company of old and new friends.

Start Planning Your Team Building Event

For more information or to start planning your Team Building event, please call Catering Sales Manager, Manoly Shaffer: 757.366.5807 or Brandon Vaughne at 757.366.5756.

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